du Daily Saver Bundle FAQ

du Daily Saver Bundle FAQ

1. How can I activate the Daily Saver Bundle?

To activate it, just dial *135*7#. Once activated, you’ll receive an SMS confirmation.

2. What’s the duration of the subscription and validity period of the bundle?

The bundle is automatically renewed every 24 hours, at the same time you first activated the offer. You’ll stay subscribed to the offer until you deactivate. E.g. if you activate the bundle at 4pm, the bundle will remain active for 24 hours and a new bundle will be renewed the following day at 4pm.AED 2.50 will automatically be deducted from your More Time every day. You’ll be notified via SMS when a new bundle is activated.

3. How can I deactivate the bundle?

You can deactivate the bundle at any time by dialing *135*7#. The remaining units will remain valid until their expiry. You can also activate again at any time and enjoy the same benefits (but not on the same day you deactivated the offer.)

4. How many bundles can be purchased per day?

You can activate one bundle per day. If you use all your free units before the end of the validity period, the remaining usage will be charged at the regular rates until a new bundle, with new units, is activated once the current bundle is expired.

5. Can I still enjoy my current special offer?

No. Once you’ve activated the Daily Saver Bundle, all existing offers (except Call home for Less ) will be deactivated, since the benefits can’t be combined. In case you are currently enjoying a different offer, you’ll be asked to confirm your Daily Saver bundle subscription before deactivating the existing benefits.

6. What happens if I don’t use all my units within 24 hours?

Any remaining minutes, SMSs or MBs will automatically expire and can’t be carried over.

7. How can I find out my remaining balance?

After each call, you’ll receive an SMS containing details of your remaining minutes. For SMS and data, you’ll receive an SMS only once you’ve used all your units. Please bear in mind, you won’t see the Daily Saver Bundle details when dialing *135#

8. Can I use the Daily Saver Bundle on my BlackBerry®?

If you’re subscribed to BlackBerry services, you can use the data allowance of your Daily Saver Bundle for your BlackBerry services (BBM, email) as well as browsing and other internet-based apps. If you have a Blackberry phone but are not subscribed to any BB services (BBM, email), you can use the data for other internet services only, including browsing, YouTube and apps.

9. What countries are included in the promotion?

You can use the promotional minutes calling most destinations. To see the list of countries click here

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