What should I know before I apply?

How to apply? And what are the documents?
Your purchase starts with the application for the plan you selected by pressing "I want this" button. For postpaid and device instalments you need to meet operator's credit requirements to receive the offer. Learn more here find all the required documents here.
I am looking for a specific device? How can I find it?
All device offers are stored in alaadin.life site. You can find them using filters. Here you will learn how to find a device deal you are looking for.
Who approves and rejects applications?
All applications for Mobile Phone Plans and Postpaid Plans are subject to operators credit check and approvals, While we help you find the best Plans we are not able to influence their decisions.
Who is automatically eligible for mobile phone plans?
Customers who have all the required documents, already have a Postpaid plan with the operator and who have a good credit score.
Why was my order rejected?
Those who don't have all the required documents, who don't have a Postpaid plan with the operator or have an existing line but either a business line or the line is under a different name (lines that don't qualify).

Operators also do not offer device instalments to customers who do not have a good credit score.
How to build a good credit score?
To learn more about improving your credit score click here
I don't have credit card or my salary is less than required amount.
The documents required are requested by the operator to approve orders, we do not collect documents on behalf of operators. If you do not meet requirements of operators it is unlikely they will approve your application.
How can I track my order?
Please send us your order number customercare@aladdin.life and we will get back to you as soon as we know you order's status.
Why is my line not qualified?
It's either a business line (corporate) or it is under a different name. You may also be eligible for part of what you asked for. Operators are more open in offering postpaid plans than devices to customers with no credit record.
What does it mean to be blacklisted by an operator?
An operator blacklist customers due to previous incidents, those who receive a message from Aladdin.life are advised to contact the operator directly to further understand the reasons behind the rejection.
How can I cancel my order?
Please send your order ID with the reason for cancellation at customercare@aladdin.life. we will confirm the cancelation.
Device is out of stock! What should I do?
If the device you want is out of stock, do follow @aladdin.life on FB and Instagram and be the first to get updated on new stock & more! Or press on "notify me" and we will notify you once back in stock!
I have a du line, can I apply for an Etisalat device? And vice versa?
If you want a device from another operator you will need to move your postpaid line to the new provider. The process is called Mobile Number Portability and you can move your number from one operator to another. The process typically is done within one working day.

As a part of the process you can apply for a device with the new operator. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a device immediately - this depends on your credit score.

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