Documents needed to apply for a mobile phone installment plan (Etisalat))

Documents needed to apply for a Mobile Phone Installment Plan from Etisalat

  1. Original and valid Emirates ID
  2. UAE-issued Credit Card
  3. Stamped Salary Certificate/Contract (minimum salary: AED 4,500)
  4. Subscriber must be at least 21 years old

When you place your order with us, you will be contacted by Etisalat representative to confirm your order and you will need to send them the documents above.

They will carry out a credit check and let you know if your application for a mobile phone plan is successful.

Mobile phone installment plans, postpaid and prepaid mobile plans, and home internet & TV plans shown on our site are services provided by du and Etisalat. Applications are subject to review and approval by Etisalat.

Aladdin does not collect any personal documents or payments on behalf of Etisalat.

All payments and contracts are made directly with the operators.  

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