FAQ's: Aladdin.life and BanqMart 400 coins + AED 400

What is BanqMart?
BanqMart is a marketplace to find financial products for all your needs. BanqMart provides access to the best credit cards, bank accounts, personal loans, and mortgages with the highest cashback offers in GCC.
What are the benefits of getting a credit card?
Apart from getting exciting rewards and offers from BanqMart, you will be able to compare and select the best credit card across various banks based on your needs.
How can I get a credit card through Aladdin.life?
Click on the campaign, you will be redirected to the BanqMart landing page. Fill up the details and apply for a credit card, one of BanqMart's representatives will reach out to you for a credit card. Complete the formalities, once your credit card gets approved and you activate it, you will also receive rewards on aladdin.life 
Where should I apply?
You can apply on BanqMart’s site on this page https://banqmart.com/aladdin 
Who is qualified for a credit card?
Different banks have different eligibility requirements, however in general person who is having a minimum salary of 5000 and good credit score is qualified for credit card 
Do I have to be a certain bank customer to get a credit card through you?
No, customers of all banks can apply for credit card
What is the interest rate?
Varies from bank to bank and product 
What is the annual fee?
Varies from bank to bank and product type, however you can easily find a no annual fee credit card through BanqMart.
Is there a cash back program?
Yes, many credit cards offer cash back on every spend
How can I benefit from the credit card?
Credit cards offers range of benefits like travel and lifestyle rewards, offers retail stores and food delivery, convenience of paying money upfront and grace period up to 51 days to repay the money 
How can I apply, what do I do next?
To apply for credit card, all you have to do is fill up a simple application form after which a BanqMart representative will contact you to complete the entire application process. Delivery of card will be directly managed by banks
I applied and was rejected why?
 Different banks have different approval criteria, however one of the most common reasons for rejection is poor credit history Different banks have different approval criteria, however one of the most common reasons for rejection is poor credit history
How can I cancel?
You can cancel credit card, by calling the customer service of bank directly 
Is there a grace period for monthly payments and for how long?
Grace period is maximum up to 51 days
How can I use the Coins?
 You can redeem Coins when you shop on the “Exclusive Discounts” section of our Reward Store. You will get exclusive discounts on over 3000 various Consumer electronic products and lifestyle brands.
Where can I see the Coins?
You will receive an email when the coupon is applied to your Aladdin account. You can also check after you have logged in to your Reward Store account.
What is the Offer?
When you apply and successfully and get a credit card using BanqMart, you will receive AED 400 credit and 400 Aladdin Reward Coins for shopping in Aladdin Reward Store.
What is Aladdin Reward Store?
Learn more about Aladdin Reward Store
Coins validity?
Coins will expire 6 months from the date of issue. You can visit the Reward store section of the site to view your current active Coins balance and the number of Coins which will expire by the end of the month.
Terms and Conditions
BanqMart and Aladdin.life Terms and Conditions

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