How can I find a device?

To find your phone:

  1. "Filter your results"
  2. Select "Samsung" under "Device Brand"
  3. Select phone model

Existing postpaid customers may apply for the installment plan without signing up for a new postpaid line.

To apply for a mobile phone installment plan, you will need:

  1. Original and valid Emirates ID
  2. UAE issued Credit Card or Debit Card
  3. Stamped salary certificate/Job Contract (minimum salary: AED 4,000 for Du)(minimum salary: AED 4,500 for Etisalat)
  4. Subscriber must be at least 21 years old

After you place the order, you will be contacted by an authorized representative with in 24 hours requesting the documents mentioned above.

All applications are reviewed and subject to approval by operators.

Aladdin does not collect any personal documents or payments on behalf of the operator.

All payments are paid directly to operators, and contracts are signed directly with operators.

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